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Medical Practices across Orange County and Southern California

Whatever part you play in medical consulting in Orange County and surrounding areas, ProTechtion IT makes sure you have the right level of IT support for your business to thrive.

Hospitals, Medical Centers, Chiropractors, Physiotherapists and Dentists all benefit from our years of experience maintaining and optimizing medical IT systems.

We understand your business

I.T. as an asset, not a liability

HIPPA and other compliance standards can be a real burden on the day-to-day productivity of a medical practice.

ProTechtion IT consults with you to find a balance between productivity and data security, to ensure that your practitioners, customers and the government is happy that you are doing everything you can to remain compliant at all times.

ProTechtion IT can help

The first step to improving your I.T. is understanding your current technology position. Our free medical network assessment will give you a human-readable report on your technology, that you can use to improve productivity and billable hours.

No sales pitch, just actionable advice